AdEffect – advertising effectiveness
AdEffect helps clients evaluate their advertising campaign performance and optimize their media spend through effective measurement of multi-media activity.

Diagnosing effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
AdEffect goes beyond evaluating strategic and creative elements to help diagnose the overall performance of the advertising campaign, including the impact of media;

Our expertise in marketing effectiveness measurement.
AdEffect is a landmark accountability solution which enables effective measurement of multi-media marketing activity. It helps marketers who are looking to the synergistic effects of their multi-media campaigns to maximize the impact of their marketing communications spend. AdEffect incorporates an evaluation of both creative and media performance – by revealing relationships between traditional campaign assessment indicators and an estimated level of exposure to each medium used in a campaign;

A global insight brand.
As a market leader in this field, TNS has extensive experience in conducting studies worldwide. Since the 1980s, we have run thousands of studies, spanning all major industry sectors and various countries.