Mystery shopping

With over 18 years experience, TNS is a market leader in developing and implementing bespoke mystery shopping programmes across every sector of the market – automotive, retail, financial services and hospitality & leisure.


Measuring the emotion your customers feel

At TNS we are aware that great service is undoubtedly something that can make our clients stand out from the crowd in what is, after all, a challenging and competitive environment. We’re also aware that it’s no secret that the key to great service is enthusiastic, committed and well trained people. And it should come as no surprise that those businesses that deliver great service have ‘happy’ customers who spend more, stay with them and recommend them to others. But how can you ensure your people are always delivering great customer service and doing it genuinely? There’s such a difference between someone who just ‘ticks the boxes’ and someone who really means it when they smile and look you in the eye. That’s why at TNS we have integrated emotion into our Mystery Shopping programmes, so you can tell if your staff are genuinely passionate and committed about what they do. TNS identifies customer expectations and evaluates the reality of the service experience, helping your people to be the very best they can be.