Qualitative research

TNS offers qualitative research to clients around the world through partnership, client knowledge and effective methodologies.


At TNS, our qualitative researchers focus on understanding people precisely, as individuals not just as ‘consumers’. We use context as our guiding principle to help our clients understand human behavior and emotion where it matters to their business, enabling them to shape strategy and unlock growth.

Our mission is to put inspired insightful intelligence into research and to surprise our clients with new ways of looking at their business.

Our expertise in qualitative research

At TNS our global experts understand when to use qualitative research with clients who need to gain an in-depth understanding of how customers are reacting. We help clients with a range of qualitative research methods: advertising testing; pre and post-launch; brand development; category management; communications strategy; consumer insight; customer satisfaction; direct marketing; in-store design and layout; segmentation; new concept development; purchase trigger analysis.

Specialist qualitative methodologies

At TNS we employ a wide range of qualitative methodologies, and choose the perfect blend to suit the parameters of each project we work on, including:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Observational techniques
  • Diary placement