100 Professionals

At TNS we are pioneers in employee research with 20+ years experience in all industries all over the world.

Over the last 20 years we have helped a wide range of clients to become high performing organisations through employee and customer research and consulting.  We support clients from all cultures, sectors and sizes, consulting to achieve sustainable organisational impact.

With over 100 experienced professionals with diverse expertise to  provide client solutions; psychologists, statisticians, organisational consultants, project managers and IT-professionals.

TRI*M Customer Experience is the world-leading solution for holistic measurement, management and monitoring of customer experiences.

•Our approach is holistic – measurement, management and monitoring of stakeholder relationships.

•It focuses on actionability and growth through suggesting precise actions that will have most impact on business growth.
•It is modular and tailored to clients’ specific needs and stakeholder groups.
•It provides precise, actionable insights to help detect any weaknesses and improve stakeholder relations
•TRI*M monitors company performance over time, relative to its industry, country and region
•Linkages with other business metrics/KPIs are possible and have proven its business value


50% of top 100 Fortune companies currently use TRI*M (last 3 years)


With a network of 400 + experts across all industries and geographies and over 20 years of experience we are the leaders in stakeholder management research and consultancy.

More than 16,300 studies

Covering more than 1,600 companies

With over 14.5 million interviews

Across 120+ countries

We drive industry thought leadership via conferences, papers, 4 books (with cases published in collaboration with clients ) and a renowned annual conference.

We provide actionable and tailored recommendations consistently supporting management needs and creating growth


With TNS you get a vast range of relevant benchmarks with which to compare your organisation’s performance.

Benchmarks for the TRI*M HiPO model are based on more than 440 employee surveys completed all over the world, in all industries and more than 2, 5million interviews surveyed in the last three years.

Clients can select average or best-in-class comparisons and we have specific data for different sectors, regions and selected countries.  We provide international benchmarks on key KPI’s for HiPO. Benchmarks can be provided for all questions on the core model.

Expertise Hubs

We have staff on the ground in local countries who understand the culture, working with expertise hubs in core markets supported by sophisticated IT and technical systems.

Creating Growth

Over the years we supported client management needs and consistently helped our clients achieve their goals. Our clients have seen much positive change, from reductions in employee turnover to increases in the retention of top talent, employee productivity, service quality and the development of strong leadership, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and growth.