Advertising Evaluation

Advertising is undoubtedly the most expensive element of marketing communications mix. Failure of a campaign can result in money being wasted. AdEval TM helps to evaluate advertising campaign performance.

Creative development is one of the most contentious stages of the research process. Done well, research can nurture, enhance and inform the creative development process.We therefore believe in research as early as possible in the process so that the learnings can be incorporated into further development and refinement.

AdEval is a qualitative and quantitative communications pre-test for all types of media. It combines creative development measure with powerful diagnostics to evaluate an ad’s performance and to show how it can be optimized. AdEval has a suite of solutions tailored to each stage of the development process, whether at the concept stage, animatic or for fully developed creative work.

Ad Eva TM l goes beyond just knowledge of Advertisement; it measures whether the audience is involved and motivated by the advertising. Using a series of sensitive questions, it assesses the integration of involvement and motivation, classifying consumers into three groups:

Motivated – they have been motivated as well as involved by the ad – the ultimate response

Involved – they have found the ad relevant but not found sufficient power in the message to be motivated

Playback only – they have played back the communications but have not found it relevant or motivating

Who can benefit from AdEval TM 

Anyone involved in advertising, marketing or PR who needs to sort, evaluate and improve their creative ideas, concepts and advertising campaigns. This includes creative and account planners, marketing and research teams.