Scientific evidence now fully endorses emotion as the underlying driver of all human behavior. Emotion drives consumer behavior, their view of the world and lies at the heart of consumers brand decisions. The key to brand growth is understanding and managing emotion at every stage of the marketing process.

NeedScope is the world’s leading research system for doing just that: understanding and managing emotion to deliver growth at every stage of the marketing process.


Benefits of our solution

NeedScope has a proven track record with over 5000 projects across 80 countries in a wide range of categories and applications.

NeedScope uses a range of unique tools to unlock emotion, which can help clients grow in a number of ways:

  • Extract growth from existing consumers by better understanding the real drivers of their brand relationships;
  • Attract new consumers by making brands more competitive and better tailored to underlying needs;
  • Drive innovation by identifying and quantifying unmet needs and pinpointing how to satisfy these;
  • Guide development into new markets with powerful insight into needs and how to satisfy them.