Conversion Model – commitment measurement.
The Conversion Model is a psychological model of consumer behavior that helps brand managers measure the strength of the relationship between consumers and brands.

The world’s leading measure of commitment.
Conversion Model enables clients to detect threats and opportunities early on, identifying and providing clear insights into how to manage brands according to the strength of the relationship;

Our expertise in commitment measurement.
The Conversion Model is able to measure ‘commitment€™ more accurately with only 3 questions. The Conversion Model measures commitment according to psychological attachment, and is able to easily integrate a category level (eg different eating options) with a brand level (eg fast food chains);

A global insight brand.
TNS uses the Conversion Model in its own brand image study in 34 countries, and has conducted conversion model projects in over 100 countries. Our 17 year-old conversion model database boasts more than 9,000 projects, covering 300 product categories and more than 135,000 brands, allowing us huge benchmarking capabilities.
Used in over 100 countries
TNS Conversion ModelTM can be applied in any market