Market Intelligence Caucasus (Exclusive licensee of TNS in south Caucasus) publish survey results regarding to purpose of spending money accumulated into charity funds for June 13th tragedy in Tbilisi.

At first, by the name of whole TNS team we would like to express our deepest condolences on recent processes in Tbilisi. Also we are thankful to citizens who supported the city, people together and made impossible possible.

Fortunately, citizens and companies responded adequately to the tragic situation and quite big sum of money has been collected to charity funds. Therefore, people has interest about how to distribute this money. As we noticed such interest from the side of society, we shortly started studying this issue.

As the study shows, absolute majority of Tbilsi citizens (98%) think that collected resources into charity funds should be used for buying houses for families affected by the disaster and helping them generally. Should be noted, that recovering damaged infrastructure and defense system for Vere riverbed found to be important and stands on second and third paces (26% and 20%).



There is no sharp differences according to social-demographic parameters of the citizens but some deviation emerges by influence of employment status.



Employed citizens of Tbilisi name recovering damaged infrastructure and defense system for river Vere more frequently than unemployed. Planting new area for zoo turned to be slightly more important for employed people than for unemployed.

Tbilisi citizens’ opinion towards appropriateness of highway on river Vere valley is also interesting. 55% of Tbilisi citizens consider that highway should be recovered and it should be functional again, while just 21% thinks that highway should be abolished by various reasons. For 24% of citizens it was hard to answer on that question.



It’s natural that for people having own car the issue of highway is more sensitive, so just 13% of them supports abolishing the highway on river Vere valley while 23% of people not having own car thinks that way.

TNS acknowledges that research results might be influenced by the heavy emotional background caused by the recent situation. So we will present results of repeated survey after a certain period of time.