London: 5 September, 2013 — TNS has announced today that it has successfully retained an $85 million framework contract with the European Commission and European Parliament, seeing off competition from IPSOS, Gallup and GfK.

The contract to deliver the EU’s Standard Eurobarometer studies is one of the largest research contracts ever commissioned, with a value of $85 million over four years. Earlier this year TNS was also awarded the Eurobarometer Qualitative Studies worth $25 million over four years.

The Eurobarometer study will be led by TNS opinion’s team who interview approximately 1,000,000 citizens every year in more than 35 countries across Europe. All interviews for the Standard Eurobarometer contract are conducted face-to-face, in more than 40 different languages.

The Eurobarometer is the most significant and regular measure of public opinion in Europe and covers a number of important issues facing the EU, including the economic situation, globalisation, the protection of the environment, immigration, poverty, international affairs many of which can be tracked over several years. TNS has worked for the European Institutions since 1974 when it first won the contract for the quantitative Standard Eurobarometer studies.

Leendert de Voogd, Global Head of Political & Social at TNS, said, “We are extremely proud to have been chosen to deliver the biggest Political & Social research contract ever commissioned, based on our proven track record of delivering large, complex projects for the European Commission. The combination of both qualitative and quantitative Eurobarometer contracts will enable us to provide policymakers with comprehensive information to help them in their decision-making processes and the drafting of European-wide public policies.”

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