Happy shoppers spend more
The “…to find…” part of our sentence is where this goal starts to become difficult. There may be 80,000 items to choose from in a modern supermarket but often a shopper buys just a handful on any trip, so trying to find the items they want can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. To help shoppers find what they are looking for, we must understand their specific task at shelf when shopping in each particular category.

This brings us to: “…and buy what they want to buy.” Shoppers buy to satisfy a myriad of different consumption or usage occasions, often during the same shopping trip. They often require either help to make a choice or reassurance that the choice they are making is the right one. But if we are to provide this, if we are to help shoppers buy what they want to buy, then we need to understand why they are shopping – and what occasion they are shopping for.

Simply put then, if we are to make shoppers happy, we must understand why and for what occasion they are shopping, what their task at each shelf therefore is, and how we can reduce the time that they spend completing that task.