Purpose to spend the money accumulated into charity funds? – What do people think?

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Qualitative Research

TNS offers qualitative research to clients around the world through partnership, client knowledge and effective methodologies.

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About TNS – Our Way of Working

TNS advises clients on specific growth strategies around new market entry, innovation, brand switching and stakeholder management, based on long-established expertise and market-leading solutions.

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Marketing Science

Our Marketing Science expertise around the world helps us look within and across studies to drive more precise and joined up insights, focused on growth. Find out more


Advertising Evaluation

Advertising is undoubtedly the most expensive element of marketing communications mix. Failure of a campaign can result in money being wasted. AdEval TM helps to evaluate advertising campaign performance. Find out more


Scientific evidence now fully endorses emotion as the underlying driver of all human behavior. Emotion drives consumer behavior, their view of the world and lies at the heart of consumers brand decisions. The key to brand growth is understanding and managing emotion at every stage of the marketing process.

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Conversion Model

Conversion Model – commitment measurement.
The Conversion Model is a psychological model of consumer behavior that helps brand managers measure the strength of the relationship between consumers and brands. Find out more